Who is Friday Night Funkin Phantom Arcade?

Who is Friday Night Funkin Phantom Arcade? Phantom Arcade is one of the developers of the Friday Night Funkin and is the animator of the Friday Night Funkin. He is mainly responsible for FNF’s animation and working on character designs with evilsk8r.

Friday Night Funkin is very popular lately, and one of the reasons for this popularity is the characters, obviously. There are other reasons for this popularity, such as Friday Night Funkin OST and the game mechanics.

As many of you know, Friday Night Funkin was developed by four awesome persons, including Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, Evilsk8r, and KawaiiSprite. Ninjamuffin99 was responsible for the coding, Evilsk8r was responsible for character designs, KawaiiSprite was responsible for the tasty songs of the game. This article’s hero Phantom Arcade was responsible for the animation of the characters.

Phantom Arcade’s real name is David Brown. He leads the story of the Friday Night Funkin, makes the characters, and animates them to implement into the game. He uses Adobe Flash CS4 to give life to our beloved Friday Night Funkin characters.

You can get more information about the FNF Universe on our website.

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