VS. Tricky Phase 3 Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Tricky Phase 3 Mod is the updated version of the Tricky Mod and features a new song, a custom design menu, and more.

Madness Combat‘s second antagonist has got a Phase 3 update. A new update has been released by the developers to Tricky Mod FNF, which is famous for its difficulty. The developers, who finished the previous version with the tag “To be continued…”, come up with Tricky Phase 3. The song added to this Mod will also challenge you like the previous version. In addition, Trick Mod now looks much cooler with the redesigned menu design.

Tricky Phase 3 Mod has added a new song called Hellclown to the songs of the old version. In the end, all the songs in this FNF Mod are as follows:

  • Improbable-outset
  • Madness
  • Hellclown

Play Friday Night Funkin Tricky Phase 3 Mod Online

We previously shared the first version of Tricky Mod with you. If you wish, you can also browse our article and play the first version of Tricky Mod. Below you can play the mod without needing a download. You can find more Friday Night Funkin Mods on our website. 

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