VS. Tricky Mod

Tricky Mod is the most popular and hardest Friday Night Funkin Mod ever. FNF vs. Tricky Mod features the Clown, who is the second antagonist of Newground’s Madness Combat series.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are now in a place somewhere in Nevada. While they are wandering around, they encounter Tricky, who is a psychotic crazy hitman zombie clown, in this place. And they have to have a rap battle to run away from this creature. But, it isn’t easy at all. You will have a very difficult time in a rap battle with Tricky, who can change reality and challenge physics thanks to a device placed in his skull.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Tricky Mod comes with two brand new songs in an FNF Week called Clown.

  • Improbable-outset
  • Madness

Play Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod Online

Friday Night Funkin vs. Tricky The Clown Mod is the first version of the series. There is a to be continued, as you can see at the end. In the following days, we will publish the updated version of this mod called Friday Night Funkin vs. Tricky Phase 3. Below you can play the mod without needing a download. You can find more Friday Night Funkin Mods on our website. 

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