VS. Stan

VS. Stan Mod is an FNF Mod that brings Nightmare Cops‘ characters to the Friday Night Funkin universe. Stan Mod FNF contains three brand new songs, new characters, and animated cutscenes.

Stan Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that features a hero of the Nightmare Cops, Stan. While Stan and his fellas try to stop Freaks, they find the Boyfriend. What do you think they will do when they see the Boyfriend? Of course a rap battle.

Designed by The Behemoth and modded in by Hamillun, Friday Night Funkin vs. Stan Mod comes with a complete FNF Week contains three unique songs.

  • Civil Diss
  • Nocknock
  • Miranda Wrongs

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Stan Mod Online

Playing FNF VS. Stan Mod Online could be the best for those who don’t want to download the original FNF and FNF Mods on their computer. Below, you can play Stan Mod online without needing a download. You can also play more FNF Mods on our website.

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