VS. NekoFreak Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. NekoFreak Mod brings one of the unused characters found in Mommy Mearest’s files of original Friday Night Funkin to the FNF Universe. 

The story of FNF vs. NekoFreak Mod is set in a month before that the Girlfriend and Boyfriend met. Boyfriend uses an application named Quinder to find a new date for himself, and he will meet with NekoFreak. To impress her, the Boyfriend will have a rap battle. Let’s see if he is going to succeed.

FNF VS. NekoFreak Mod contains 10 unique songs in three FNF Weeks, named 60 Days, 46 Days, and 32 Days. Each Week has three songs as follows:

  • 60 Days Week:
    • The Date
    • Red Flag
    • GTFO
  • 46 Days Week:
    • Left Swipe
    • Trippin
    • Datura Dynamo
  • 32 Days Week:
    • Smol
    • Frontin
    • Hubris
  • Other
    • 610

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. NekoFreak Mod Online

Developed by Hamilun, FNF Vs. NekoFreal is one of the Friday Night Funkin Mods and is available to play on your browser. So, you can play it without needing a download.

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