VS. Matt Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Matt Mod brings the popular Mii character, Matt, from the Nintendo Wii series. Matt Mod FNF is one of the most downloaded FNF Mods with over 300K downloads.

Matt is a popular Mii character that you will remember from the Nintendo Wii series. He usually enjoys sports especially boxing.

As we mention, Matt likes sports. So, he carries different items that appear in each direction.

  • in his right animation: a paddle appears,
  • in his left animation: a tennis racket appears,
  • in his down animation: a baseball appears,
  • in his up animation: boxing gloves appear.

Matt Mod FNF comes with five unique brand new songs in two FNF Week

  • In the first Week called Wiik
    • Light It Up
    • Ruckus
    • Target Practice
  • In the second Week called Wiik 2
    • Sporting
    • Boxing Match

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Matt Mod Online

You can play FNF Vs. Matt Mod on your browser online. Below, you can start to play this Friday Night Funkin Mod without needing a download.

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