vs. Hypno Mod

FNF vs. Hypno Mod is an FNF Mod that brings one of the popular Pokemon into the Friday Night Funkin Universe. A human-like Pokemon Hypno is here to sleep the Girlfriend by hypnotizing her.

FNF Hypno Mod features a Pokemon whose natural abilities are Forewarn and Insomnia. Unlike most other Friday Night Funkin Mods, you’ll play as the Girlfriend in the Hypno Mod. Cause the Boyfriend is missing out there and the GF looking for him.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Hypno Lullaby Mod comes with four brand new songs, animated cutscenes, and more:

  • Safety Lullaby
  • Left Unchecked
  • Monochrome
  • Missingno

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Hypno Mod Online

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