VS. Henchman Mod

VS. Henchman Mod is an under-development Friday Night Funkin Mod that makes Carlos, one of the background characters in the original Friday Night Funkin, the main character.

Carlos is a character dancing behind the Mommy Mearest in Week 4 of the original Friday Night Funkin. During a rematch of Mommy Mearest’s rap battle with Boyfriend, Carlos is stood up by Mommy Mearest. But Boyfriend doesn’t mind a Henchman dancing in the background.

Developed by Zavemann, Friday Night Funkin VS. Henchman Mod contains only one song named Refresher.

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Henchman Mod Online

Although Henchman Mod FNF is in the under-development phase, it is possible to play the Mod online. Below, you can play the Mod and try it. Don’t forget the fact that this FNF Mod is still under development. So, it is normal to see some bugs in this Mod.

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