VS. Conner Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Conner Mod features an old friend of the Boyfriend named Conner, who is a white-furred anthropomorphic rockstar cat.

FNF vs. Conner is going to be a stage where a big challenge between Boyfriend and his old friend Conner. One day the BF goes to one of the shows of his old friend with the GF. Then the Boyfriend tells the Girlfriend, “I can do better than that.” Let’s see if he can do better than his old friend or not.

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Conner Mod contains four brand new songs in a complete FNF Week.

  • Cattail
  • CatAttack
  • Catvolution
  • CatRave

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Conner Mod Online

Conner Mod FNF was developed by a YouTuber Taeyai, who also has her own FNF Mod called Friday Night Funkin VS. Taeyai Cyber Sensation Mod. You can play the Conner Mod FNF online without needing a download below. If you don’t want to download both Friday Night Fuınkin and its mods, playing the FNF Mods online could be the best bet for you.

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