VS. Abigail Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Abigail Mod is an FNF Mod that is starring a space traveler punk girl named Abigail and our blue-haired Boyfriend. Can the Boyfriend put a smile on this punk girl’s face?

While the Girlfriend and Boyfriend are hanging around, they see a crashed spaceship with creatures in it. They couldn’t understand the creatures were humans or what. But these guys seem literally unhappy because of the crash. The Boyfriend thinks that a rap battle might cheer them up.

Developed by PixelatedEngie, Friday Night Funkin vs. Abigail Mod comes with three songs as follows:

  • Abigail
  • Engage Foe
  • Eat Your Heart Out

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Abigail Mod Online

You can play FNF Vs. Abigail Mod on your browser online. Below, you can start to play this Friday Night Funkin Mod without needing a download.

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