The Best Unknown FNF Mods

Friday Night Funkin is a famous indie game, and it seems it continues to be. Due to the FNF Mod developers, Friday Night Funkin remains the most popular indie game. The game also has a pretty big community that includes FNF Mod developers and players. Some strict fans keep following the game but some others may not like them. Those who are not able to follow the game regularly may have trouble finding FNF Mods. Here are the best unknown FNF Mods for those Friday Night Funkin fans.

FNF Huggy Wuggy Mod

Friday Night Funkin Huggy Wuggy Mod is one of the best lesser-known FNF Mods ever. It comes with a new character named Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime. He is a scary gigantic toy that is a face of a toy factory, and you must have a rap battle against him to escape from the toy factory.

FNF Lullaby Mod

Friday Night Funkin Hypno Lullaby Mod brings one of the beloved Pokemon Hypno to the FNF Universe. Unlike most other FNF Mods, you are playing as the Girlfriend who is searching the Boyfriend around. FNF lullaby Mod comes with four unique songs respectively; Safety Lullaby, Left Unchecked, Monochrome, Missingno.

FNF SCP Mod – Friday Night Foundation Secure Content Protect

FNF SCP Mod, or Friday Night Foundation, is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that was inspired by online horror fiction SCP foundation mythos. Even though it is an upcoming mod, you can play demo versions of this awesome Friday Night Funkin Mod online.

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