Suction Cup Man Mod

Suction Cup Man Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod inspired by a real event where a man decides to climb Trump Tower with only a suction cup.

You’ll love it when you see Suction Man, designed by Piemations and made into FNF Mod by polaroid119. However, he doesn’t climb for girls or money, only climbs because it’s “too funny.” These are his words, not ours or not the developers.

FNF Suction Cup Man comes with two FNF Weeks that contain three songs in each Week.

  • In the Week 1
    • Ascending
    • Nark
    • Mountaineer
  • In the Week 2
    • Climbing
    • Towers
    • Look at Me Go

Play Friday Night Funkin Suction Cup Man Mod Online

Suction Cup Man Mod is playable online even though it is still under development process. It is playable without needing a download below. You can find more Friday Night Funkin Mods on our website.

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