Shaggy x Matt Mod

Friday Night Funkin Shaggy x Matt Mod brings the hardest boss and the most popular TV series character in the FNF Universe together. Now they are practicing to beat the Boyfriend in this unique FNF Mod.

In the story of Shaggy x Matt Mod, our two antagonists come together to train themselves. Matt comes to a mansion to ask if Shaggy can help him to beat the blue-haired little guy. Shaggy glass to help him and begins to talk about how to become a better rapper. Then they start to action with two brand new songs as follows:

  • Power Link
  • Revenge

Play Friday Night Funkin Shaggy x Matt Mod Online

You can play FNF Shaggy x Matt Mod online on your browser. Below, you can start to play this Friday Night Funkin Mod without needing a download.

If you want to check out their own FNF Mods, you can click the links below and start to play:

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