How Tall Is Boyfriend From Friday Night Funkin?

Friday Night Funkin has been a trendy indie game since its release. Besides its soundtracks, character skins and story has a significant impact on this popularity. Our beloved blue-haired Boyfriend is one of these characters, and so many community members wonder about him. How tall is Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin is the most searched query about him.

Boyfriend is the main character of Friday Night Funkin, and his mission is to gain approval to date the Girlfriend. But he has to have a rap battle against her ex-rockstar dad named Daddy Dearest and many other characters that are not cool with you dating the Girlfriend.

The Boyfriend is a 19-year-old young man with blue hair and light skin. When it comes to How tall is Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin, The Boyfriend isn’t a tall character similar to the Girlfriend. According to some speculations, he is somewhere around 5.58 to 5.7 feet. There are some other characters with the same height as the Boyfriend, like Pico and Tankman.

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