Hex Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Hex Mod is one of the greatest FNF Mods ever developed for Friday Night Funkin Universe.

FNF Hex Mod brings a robot with a monitor face named Hex to the Friday Night Funkin. This FNF Mod’s protagonist, Hex, likes basketball, hence he meets with our beloved dwarf BF and his beautiful GF on a basketball pitch. Hex asks BF if he wants to have a rap battle. BF accepts this challenge for one condition. This rap battle is going to be just for fun.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Hex Mod was developed by YingYang48, and it is one of the first FNF Mods developed so far. It is coming with cutscenes and five songs as follows:

  • Dunk
  • R.A.M.
  • Hello World
  • Glitcher
  • Encore

Play Friday Night Funkin vs. Hex Mod Online

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