Friday Night Funkin Songs

Friday Night Funkin songs are awesome. I believe, if these songs weren’t as cool as they are, Friday Night Funkin would not be as popular as it is now. And, Friday Night Funkin songs are the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other indie games.

Friday Night Funkin was developed by Ninjamuffin99, and it became the most famous indie game so far. Even they started a Kickstarter campaign to release a full-ass game. Ninjamuffin99 did a great job by developing such kind of game. But we should also talk about the fabulous songs of the game.

KawaiiSprite is the name that was developed these tasty songs. He was responsible for almost every song, sound effect, and voice of the game, and he did a pretty good job, too.

Friday Night Funkin Songs Album – Friday Night Funkin’ Vol. 1

KawaiSprite has also uploaded all the Friday Night Funkin songs on Youtube.

Below you can listen to all the songs in Friday Night Funkin:

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