Friday Night Funkin Secret Level

Friday Night Funkin secret level, also known as Lemon Demon Mod, adds an extra great FNF Week to the Friday Night Funkin, and it is hidden in the files of the game.

The main antagonist of the FNF secret level is Lemon Demon, and you need to beat him in a rap battle. In the Friday Night Funkin Secret Level, there is only one song named Monster. You might call it Lemon Demon Song also. It is a quite good song, and unlike the other FNF Songs, it has lyrics that you can find below.

Lemon Demon Lyrics

Guess it’s time, you better plug in all your night lights
What’s out there past your darkened door?
Just, the eyes floating about of the shore
Evan! I’m gonna eat your girl-friend!
Or maybe turn her into broth, (broth, LALA)
Kill kill kill ’em up stuff them inside my secret, meat pot
Find, My, Hands across your body to peel your skin off!

You’ll meet your friends
-Inside the ambulance!
Come, to the night
To the werewolf
Give all your blood to him
Stand under the wall street light
Let yourself be hypnotized

Your just a little snack, and so is your girlfriend!
Evan! I’m gonna tear your eyes out!
And then I’ll boil your girlfriend! (LaLa)
Kill kill kill ’em up stuff them inside my burning dungeon!
I, would, give you guys a little break but I’m not satan

Monster – Friday Nigth Funkin’ Soundtrack

How To Access Friday Night Funkin Secret Level?

There are so easy multiple steps to access the secret level in the Friday Night Funkin. Whatever platform you play FNF, you can reach the hidden secret level.

  • Step 1: Start the FNF
  • Step 2: Select the Story Mode
  • Step 3: Select any Week in the story mode
  • Step 4: Press 7 on your keyboard. Now, you reach the developer menu. 
  • Step 5: Select the Song section head over the menu. 
  • Step 6: Replace the song name with Monster
  • Step 7: Click on reload JSON and press Enter on your keyboard.

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