Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Campaign

There’s no doubt that FNF fans have handpicked the game. The open-source nature of the game increased the interest in the game and allowed the developers to develop new modes. Friday Night Funkin has managed to reach over 15 million players after its initial release. This prompted Newgrounds to launch a campaign to release a “full-ass” game on Kickstarter.

Friday Night Funkin The Full Ass Game Kickstarter Trailer

Newgrounds announced its Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter campaign with the trailer below. You can see the new features that will come to the game in this trailer.

Friday Night Funkin The Full Ass Game Stretch Plan

Developers had clearly stated what they are going to develop extra if they collect the particular money at the end of the trailer. They also stated that what features will be on the game one by one as follows:

  • They’ll add 20 weeks to the schedule, each with three songs. So, in addition to the additional weeks and 60 songs, they promise 20 weeks.
  • They discussed the new features that allowed us to play with more than four buttons in the game.
  • Cutscenes, like in Week 7, are one of the elements that make FNF more enjoyable to play.
  • We may play with the Boyfriend character in the FNF demo, which can be tedious at times. We’ll be able to play with more characters after the Kickstarter ends.
  • Other features planned for Friday Night Funkin: The Full Ass Game include a local 2-player mode and online leaderboards.

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