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Play Friday Night Funkin Free on our blog. Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play rhythm-based indie game developed by Newgrounds’ users Ninjamuffin and his friends. The game managed to become the most popular indie game so far. Let’s dive into it.

Watch Friday Night Funkin Teaser

Friday Night Funkin, most commonly known as FNF, is an indie game developed by Ninjamuffin99, based on PaRappa the Rapper, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation in 1997. FNF was initially released on November 1st in 2020, on

Basically, we have a Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who love each other so much, in the Friday Night Funkin. But some other characters are not cool with their relationship. You, as the Boyfriend, should impress them by having a rap battle.

You are playing the game with the arrow keys. The main purpose of the game is to press arrow keys adapted to the rhythm of the song in time. You will also see your progress at the bottom of the screen.

Play Friday Night Funkin Free Online

You don’t need to download the Friday Night Funkin to play it. Below, you can play the Friday Night Funkin Free online.

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