Friday Night Funkin Change Controls

Playing Friday Night Funkin is so cool and fun, but arrow keys may hurt your fingers when you play long hours. So, you may want to change the control keys to the keys that make you able to play more comfortably. In this article, you’ll find the way to change the Friday Night Funkin key combination.

How to change Friday Night Funkin control keys?

If you want to prefer flat-out keys, here is the best way to change the FNF control keys.

1. First things first, download the open-sourced scripting language for Windows called AutoHotkey.

2. In the second step, open a simple text editor like notepad.

3. Paste the following codes in it. We prefer HJKL keys, but you can change them whatever key combination you want.

; Friday Night Funkin' custom controls
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
#IfWinActive Friday Night
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 2000
; Frets on Fire Style

4. Then change the extension of the notepad with “.ahk” format instead of “.txt”

5. Open the AutoHotkey as admin. The reason for this step, the script can inject the code into the game. It’s not permanent, don’t worry, you can always right-click the Autohotkey icon near your windows clock and exit it.

6. Now, you can use whatever keys you want to use as arrow keys. The arrow keys still work, though.

When you download the Friday Night Funkin or whatsoever FNF Mod, you can change the keyboard combination using the above way. Unfortunately, you cannot change the keys when you play the FNF Mods online on the browser.

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