Friday Night Divorcin Mod

Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest are about the divorce in the story of Friday Night Funkin Divorce Mod. How sad doesn’t it? Friday Night Divorcin Mod comes with cutscenes and ten brand new songs. Let’s see who is gonna take the GF’s custody.

In the FNF Divorce Mod, you’ll play as the Daddy Dearest, and you are going to have a rap battle against your wife to take your daughter as custody.

Friday Night Divorcin Mod includes 3 new FNF Weeks, 10 new songs, cutscenes, icons, new sprites, background, and more. Below, you can find the soundtrack of this FNF mod per Week.

  • Court Week
    • Stupidpumpkinspice
    • Court
    • Divorce
  • Epilogue Week
    • Smug
    • Grieving
    • I Care
    • Final Funk
  • Wedding Week
    • Nervous Wreck
    • You Will Shine
    • Vows
    • End

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